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Truck & Bus


Bridgestone Truck & Bus tyres are designed for maximum life and ultimate performance under all conditions in response to the highest levels of commercial operating requirements (load, heat, long-distance operation, safety, etc.).
We have a tyre for every application. Whether you carry passengers, transport general freight, fuel, machinery, wood or aggregates, there’s a Bridgestone tyre to meet your needs.

Find out more about the main profiles marketed, the full tyre range and the sizes available.



This on-road and off-road all-position tyre is designed for heavy construction and forestry operations. The special rubber used for the tread of this tyre provides high resistance to cutting and chipping, as well as easier retreading.


The ideal all-position tyre for on-road and off-road use (heavy construction applications, difficult roads, etc.).


Developed particularly for steer axle mounting and motorway use, this tyre offers superior performance in terms of irregular wear resistance as a result of optimum trade grooving and maximum footprint. The extremely strong casing ensures extended service life.


This all-position radial tyre has been developed for urban on-road applications. Excellent roadholding with superior grip and extended service life. Resistant to stone retention, cuts and chips.


Drive axle tyre designed for use with all types of truck. Key features include extra-deep tread and abrasion-resistant rubber composition. Its super-tough casing delivers excellent traction and superior resistance to wear, chipping and tearing.


Drive axle tyre designed for mainly off-road applications, and well-suited for logging and mining environments. Excellent traction, superior cut resistance and reinforced casing.


Drive axle tyre for extreme applications. Suitable for logging operations on wet and muddy terrain. Excellent traction and superb cut resistance. Specially designed for the West African and Central African markets.